Friday, 2 December 2011

Today : 2 Dec 2011 : That Shower Gel....

His face came against my eyes. Entering his puberty. Little facial hair. Oh man ! My mind is so weird. That even a shower gel reminds me of someone. This purple shower gel reminded me of days when I used to live in a rented house, on first floor. And my landlord used to live on ground floor, who had a lovely-growing up-hunk as his son. 

Ah those were the days. When I used to stay back in bathroom for long time with foam all over me. The bathroom had a big window that from a next terrace anyone can sneak in while i was milking my dick. Oh... this thought made me hard today. And without further wait - I wanked off my load thinking of that boy. [will be posting his story some other day]. Ah. Oh, and btw, my wife kept on thinking why it took me so long in bathroom. ;) 

Later on, in the office, today I had to meet a guy who recently joined our organization. I got stumped when first saw him. Pretty desi guy, average body and good height. But the main attraction of him was his cloths. Boddy hugging pair he was wearing. Showing off his buldge in full glory. No wonder I got hardon while he was standing in front of my desk, while I managed to stare at his yummy crotch pretending I am reading his bio. Sigh.. let me meet him more often. 

Saturday, 15 October 2011


Yes, that's I am. I have always wondered how good it would be, to be at both places. Best of both worlds. But hold on, I am no sex maniac nor a pervert who just lives for sex. I am pretty much serious and equally confused about my sexuality. I find comfort with girls, as well as with boys. Say men and women. But still there is something in me that tells me if the world was normal towards gay relationships - who knows I would have never got married to a woman. Who knows I would have been living my favorite life. Who knows....

Here, I present you my story. My own life story. From childhood to my present days. How it all started. I will try my best to put my all - yes all encounters and [honestly] wild thoughts and my dreams. Looking forward to the feedback and love.  

My life story will be episodic. But my present days will also be getting featured in between. So if in case you get confused - get the titles. 'Episode : XX' will be from past. And 'Today : xxxxx' will be from my present. 

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